3D scan metrostation Rotterdam

In Rotterdam Prisma GeoCensus has scanned the underground metrostation Wilhelminaplein with the Leica Backpack. The Backpack is an innovative way of capturing data. the goal of the scan for the municipality was to get an impression of the possibilities of this application.

A possible application for the municiaplity of Rotterdam could include complementing the 3D city model (accuracy of less importance approximately 10 cm is sufficient), providing data serving creating BIM models, providing input for renovation (accuracy important), inventory projects etc .

Walking with the Backpack the close proximity is scanned and photo images are taken simultaneously. Thanks to a powerful IMU the location can also be calculated without GPS reception. The whole point cloud is calculated and supplied to the city of Rotterdam. Together with the municipality we will now look at the results in-house precision.

In the following video a portion of the scanned underground can be seen.