Change detection

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What can we do for you?

Digital visual material

With the help of aireal photographs, changes in your areas can be traced and inventorised between different moments. An important contribution to maximum reliability of your geo information. We use digital images such as your own aireal photographs or images provided by us.

Quality improvement by cyclical process

With our working method in change detection you will achieve a level of completeness and, at the same time, a quality improvement of your geo information. At the same time with the periodical repetition in the tracing, necessary for continuous topicality, correct processing of previous changes is checked.

Widely applicable

The use of digital images is widely applicable in the communal organization. Naturally for:

– Geo information (e.g. management cards)

– Basic register systems (BAG, BGT, WION)

but also for:

– public works


– Construction and living

– Preservation

– Law and order and security.


Simultaneously with change detection from the aireal photographs, they can be incorporated in your digital map. This leads to an important saving on traditional gathering methods. Moreover, it offers the possibility to include the changed geometry in difficult to access areas without entering them. After mapping, the information can be complemented with measuring geometry that is still missing and with gathering the semantics. Where necessary, the premises can be fenced off for the BAG.

Statutory obligations

In the statutory obligations of topicality and completeness in different basis register systems, demands are also made to the geometric recording of ojbects. Periodic mapping of changes and alterations from digital aireal photographs makes it possible to keep meeting the demands.

The advantages

– One view, different applications

– Image processing is part of our total package – every form of gathering under one roof

– Topicality and completeness, a must for all your geo information, optimally guaranteed

– You can join in at any time

– Our total package is a guarantee for maximum benefit against the lowest costs.


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