For Prisma GeoCensus, surveying is more than measuring dots. With knowledge and insight we observe the site situations. Carefully, so the desired information can be recorded and presented. And for a broad scale of use and applications.

Topography measurements

Maintaining GBKN and other situation measurement
Plus measurement (extra/additional topography)
Basis measurement
Post exploration and change detection

Thematic information

Inventory water management (civil engineering works)
Inventory green, road, sewer management et cetera
BAG building geometry
Control and up-dating

Height measurements

Precise levelling
Profiles (wet and dry)

Deformation measurements

Zero measurements
Repeated measurement

Instrumentarium/ software

We conduct the measurements with advanced equipment including:
GPS-RTK (Leica)
Total Stations – robotic (Leica)
Digital engineers levels
Drone (Aibotix X6)
Statistic scanners
Mobile scanner (Leica Pegasus Two)
Backpack scanner
Lasers, several types and applications
Handheld distos
For storage of measured variables we have field notebooks and pen computers with their own recording systems and measurement protocals. For further processing we have different calculation software and CAD/GIS packages available.