Prisma GeoCensus can guide and execute the whole process of splitting of cadastral parcels. This begins with an advice on the route to follow, followed by manufacturing drawings for the plots and related measurements to split parcels. Then we take care of the entire procedure to be completed at the Land Registry. This is for instance the submission of the required documents and surveying data.
After approval, the new parcels are created by the Cadastre and fixed administratively. With this the splitting of parcels is a fact and is determined valid.

Reconstruction of property boundaries

The Land Registry has recorded over the years, in the Netherlands, many cadastral parcels. Since parcels regularly change hands, it also often happens that the exact location of the cadastral boundaries is not known.
Prisma GeoCensus aks for the data, how the parcel in the past has been determined, and uses this data to reconstruct the cadastral boundaries. Here the boundary is shown through a stake out in the field and, if desired, it can be directly measured. On the basis of the survey we then create a digital file.

Splitting plots

If you want to sell a part of a cadastral parcel, or want to sell the whole parcel in different parcels, the parcel can be split before sale. The condition is that the new boundaries at the time of the split in the terrain should be visible and must be identified. Prisma GeoCensus can execute this work and deliver on behalf of the client at the Land Registry.

Preliminary cadastral boundaries

Preliminary cadastral boundaries (VKG) allow to form entire cadastral parcels, before the definitive borders have to be identified in the terrain. This method of splitting makes the use of partial parcel redundant. At the splitting emerge whole parcels with:

·       provisional cadastral boundaries;

·       a provisional cadastral area;

·       definite parcel numbers.

Forming of parcels with provisional borders we execute with the application Split. With this program we determine on the cadastral map where the provisional borders should be. Based on this new data cadastral parcels are formed and we will receive the final parcel numbers. The final borders are to be measured at a later time, after the parties (usually the buyer and seller) can designate the final borders. If the borders are permanently incorporated, the rightholders receive notice.