Inventory and inspection


The tasks of each manager typically include ensuring the safe operation of the property at the lowest possible cost. To carry out this task is a prerequisite to know what exactly is in the area and which prevent parts.

This could include looking at all the trees, lampposts and fountains of the municipality. Of course, also comes to the determination of the quantities in this.

The system is used by us based on experience which is supported by contemporary technology. Here, the concern for quality of the inventory data at the top. We therefore work according to established protocols, which provide guidance for the process with great attention to communication and quality control. This process-based approach enables the information is collected in a standardized and efficient manner and connect the output to your management.


After taking stock following inspection. The purpose of the inspection may hereby be very different. The most common purpose is to examine how the condition is. In addition, an important goal is the prevention of disasters.