The power of a GIS lies in the recording, combining, analyzing and presenting of data with a spatial component in order to obtain information. Many data and information contain a spatial component in order for us to map those data and information about objects (geocoding) and subsequently we are able to spatially connect the data.

Prisma GeoCensus can support you in several areas


Prisma GeoCensus already has years of experience with GIS in several fields of application. For example, we can advise you about:

Choice and implementation of GIS systems
Prisma GeoCensus is an independent party and has experience with several software packages
Drawing up a Plan of Action
Management systems

Project management

Prisma GeoCensus can give advice and support on large and/or smaller projects, including:

project-based approach
your question is our starting point
detailed propositions
connecting with your set goals
taking care of commitment.

Data processing

Data processing is possible using GIS. Prisma GeoCensus has experience with several applications. Among other things, we can give you advice and/or support on:

GIS inventory of:

Play equipment
Signalling panels
Civil engineering works
But also on:

Secondment of GIS operators
File improvement
Conversion processes
Processing management information
Alignment of management information (e.g. necessary for BAG, BGT and WION)
Construction and management of several basic register systems.


Digitize Development plans
Imro encode ( Imro 2008) Development Plans
Connecting Regulations and Instructions (e.g. smart HTML)
Use of different software
On project basis or on site.