The new standards for central storage of geographical data (IMGeo and BGT) and the communication standard for it (BGT Messaging) are known. This is very interesting for the systems for Management of Public Space, BOR.

One tricky part for BOR was always the geometry of objects, such as trees, roadsides, hardening surfaces, lampposts, traffic signs, etc. Until now, these surfaces by the administrators themselves were subscribed based on e.g. GBKN. Because every administrator did ‘his’ topic and because administrators are no surveyors or operators, there was a lot wrong in this process. Moreover, nothing was formalized regarding informing the Geo department about changes.

BGT objects are not only geometric figures, they also contain attributes, some of which are IMGeo attributes; characteristics of interest to the BGT. When changes (adjustments to geometry and / or IMGeo attributes) are sent as a message from the Geo-department to the BOR administrator, the BOR administrator will get this reported. The BOR department on its part does have to draw themselves anymore, but can accept the measured changes. This creates good geometry, which corresponds to the situation outside and, moreover, does not show any overlap. Which attributes we record and what geometry is interesting for your BOR department, we coordinate with you. So the geometry is collected once and used multiple times, a win-win situation.

Mobile GIS

Getting it organized and up to date data is the foundation of asset management. Data should be objective, timely and reliable. Only if you have records about your possessions and you have information about the condition of your assets data, you can optimize the lifecycle of your assets.
For good asset management inventories are carried out in the field. We do this efficiently using Tablet PC with integrated GPS and camera. Together with the client we determine what is important to identify and which attributes and images we associate with the geometry.

Building BOR-map

The BGT is a good basis for the development of the map for management of public spaces. Together with the administrator of BOR we determine how this geometry fits your information needs of the management process. We check if the delivered surfaces are acceptable or if there are additional requirements.