3D Scanning

Prisma GeoCensus specializes in various 3D operations. So Prisma GeoCensus can besides the landsurvey and scanning products, also deliver a digital model. It can also be delivered in various formats, so you can use it for your own operations. At Prisma GeoCensus we have a drone, mobile scanner (Leica Pegasus Two and Leica BackPack), but also multiple HDS (High Definition Surveying) scanners. We apply this in several activities including:


It is increasingly difficult to get data on the roads and railways of situations. With our mobile scanner we measure the current situation in the road or rail and the surrounding area. This produces a point cloud and georeferenced photos. This we model for you to become a CAD or GIS file. In the file, we can measure distances, heights and widths.

With the drone we can quickly map aerial situations in 3D. From georeferenced aerial photographs a 3D mapping may be carried out for, eg. a 3D-BGT or 3D-DTB. The aerial photos can be converted to a 3D point cloud, which creates a good view of ground heights. From this it can also a DTM can be generated.


Capturing the assets of the budget and maintenance planning, measuring road quality for budget reporting and preservation of assets such as traffic signs, lampposts, gantry masts, traffic control, trees, etc., is done easily with semi-automatic extraction of data in a standard GIS interface.


With the mobile backpack scanner, it is possible to, both underground and indoor, carry out a full 3D scan. So we create a detailed situation that is also good to use for buildings in LOD4 or BIM.


We have a drone with which we can take pictures from the air. From these photos, a DTM can be generated. This can then be used for volume and quantity calculations. Ideal for eg. to monitor the excavation, but also to determine how much volume is still available compared to the theoretical model.
Prisma GeoCensus finds it important to have a good idea of your product. Through a personal conversation we can offer a custom package that fits your ideas and wishes. From the beginning to the end of the product we will fully support.